Demi Lovato Forced to Cancel London Tour Date

Demi Lovato postpones London tour date after damaging her vocal chords.

by Amy Walters

UK Lovatics were heartbroken after hearing that Demi Lovato was postponing one of her London tour dates due to an illness, which has caused her vocal chords to become swollen. The concert, which was meant to take place on June 10th, has now been postponed for 2 weeks, and Lovato will now perform to her devoted fans at the o2 Arena on June 25th instead.

Lovato posted a note to Twitter, which expressed how deeply sorry she was for having to reschedule, and how serious the illness could get if she went on with the concert that night.

But, instead of the usual protocol from disappointed (fake) fans, such as ranting all over Twitter about how they’re so angry and that the singer will lose many of her fans due to the ‘reckless’ decision she’s made…

Demi Lovato’s loyal fans have respected the singer and shown their support for the ex-Disney channel star by wishing her a full recovery from her illness, and how even though they’re upset that the night they have been looking forward to for months has now been canceled, it is more important to them that Demi is healthy and happy.

If the kind words of fans weren’t enough, Lovatics planned a mass sing-along for everybody to attend, which took place outside the o2 area in London. At 19:30 pm (BST) fans gathered outside the arena, and performed their own concert, to cheer up poorly Demi.

The Lovatics appeared all smiles, as they held up a sign that said, ‘Get Well Soon’, and sang one of Lovato’s most popular songs, Skyscraper and hit song, ‘Tell Me You Love Me’.

Even though the mass sing-along was a success, it was even more worth it when Demi Lovato herself noticed the video and said how grateful she was for the support from her fans.

I think it’s safe to say that the Lovatics are definitely the most loyal fan base, and the love they have shown Demi has meant a lot to her. Hopefully, Demi will make a speedy recovery and will be able to give the best concert ever to her dedicated fans on June 25th.

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