Fyre Festival Co-Architect Ja Rule Wants To Do Another Music Festival

The word “lol” is used a lot in our current American lexicon, and what once began as an abbreviation for “laugh out loud”, has become something more tired, something more cruel. When someone quote Tweets a particularly bad Tweet, and writes “lol” above it, know they are not laughing, know that their body is emitting some sort of sound, but it’s an angry disbelief mixed with a maniacal laughter, and folks, I think the idea of Ja Rule creating a new music festival after the terrifying, double documentary causing disaster that was Fyre Festival definetly warrants a miserable lol. May God have mercy on our souls.

Ja Rule was interviewed by TMZ, where he claimed he didn’t see the double documentaries, despite Tweeting about seeing them earlier, about how he desperately tried to cover up his many crimes involved with the Festival, and then dropped that he wants to do more, saying: “In the midst of chaos, there’s opportunity.. I have plans to create the iconic music fest, but you didn’t hear it from me!”

I mean, not to overrule Mr. Ja Rule, but I feel like the music festival he created is as iconic as it gets. What Altamont, the Rolling Stones concert where a Hell’s Angel murdered a hippie, was to the intersection between the optimistic hopeful 60’s and the dark, bleak 70’s, so too is Fyre Festival a perfect encapsulation of the truly terrible late capitalist era we’re in where if someone is rich enough, and confident enough, they can do whatever they want and basically survive to live another day. The architects of the Fyre Festival basically promised dumb rich people Jupiter, and gave them a pile of garbage, and now one of them wants you to trust him again with the same bargain. Today’s era, which coddles the rich stinks, but boy oh boy, I can’t wait to create more miserable memes for whatever Ja Rule has cooking.

What do you think of Ja Rule’s decision to keep doing this trash? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending, and check out our video about Andy King, the blowjob guy from the Netflix Fyre Festival documentary, below.

c/o AVClub