Shawn Mendes Fan Girls Over Harry Styles in Los Angeles

Canadian heart throb, Shawn Mendes performed in LA and went to a Harry Styles concert all in one night

We’ve all been there, just looking at a photo of Harry Styles is enough to take your breath away, and seeing him in concert is a completely different story. You either end up losing your voice from screaming the lyrics to your favorite songs so loudly that even Mr. Styles himself can hear you, or you end up looking like a complete idiot as you begin swooning over a figure you can barely see due to the bright lights. However, for Shawn Mendes, he managed to make fan-girling look attractive, as he jammed out to his favorite songs.  He somehow still managed to look as gorgeous as ever, all while going through the same emotions us fan girls do.

Early Friday evening, Shawn Mendes performed at a SiriusXM Concert, which took place at The Forum in West Hollywood. But after an amazing performance that proved how talented Mendes is, the singer wasn’t ready for his night to end. Instead, the 19-year-old Canadian artist attended Harry Styles’ concert which took place at the same location.

Fans spotted Shawn in the crowd really enjoying himself, bopping along to his favorite songs, and singing at the top of lungs. People took to Twitter to express how much they loved the moment that they saw Shawn Mendes fist pumping the air, and jamming out to a guitar solo by Styles’ band.



Some fans began comparing their actions at concerts to those of Shawn, making him so very relatable.


Shawn Mendes wasn’t the only A-list celebrity to attend the show; Kendall Jenner, Chloe Grace Moretz and Meghan Trainor along with her fiancé Daryl Sabara were also cheering the “Sign of The Times” singer on in the crowd.

What would Twitter be without a little bit of comedy to make the situation even more amazing?

Shawn Mendes is 100% me at any concert, and even though I thought it wasn’t possible, I love him even more. Not as much as Harry Styles though, love you Harry boo.

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