The Release of Ariana Grande’s Sweetener Means SO MANY GOOD MEMES

Arianators blow Twitter up with brilliant memes to go along with a brilliant album

Ariana Grande Dropped Sweetener last night and Arianators cannot be chill about it. Not that I blame them, the album is incredible. The upbeat, fun songs on the album really do bring light to the darkness and her words of love for her fiancé Pete Davidson are beautiful. The song I’m referencing, of course, is “Pete Davidson,” an ode to their love where she confesses to falling for him at first sight and thinking him into her life. With all the great songs, Twitter is blowing up with great memes and gifs celebrating the release.

Like this one where a 12-year-old celebrates with a glass of wine and a ~bubble bath~

And this one of Ariana’s brother Frankie perfectly models all of us at Target tonight:

One of my favorites is this accurate representation of fans trying to know every word in every line of every song:

And this one that shows the tears we all cry when there were supposed to be none left:

The album is beautiful, electric and brings chills to the body. What is your favorite meme showing all the excitement?? Let us know in the comments below or at @WhatsTrending on Twitter!