VIDEO: Ariana Grande Releases New Video With Surprise Kiss: “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored”


Ariana Grande has been teasing “thank u next” for a bit now, and much like the video for the titular song, the album dropped as a complete surprise late last night, along with a video for one of Ariana’s new songs: “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored”. The songs showcases Grande’s new vaguely nihilist point of view that, in a sense, resembles Pete Davidson’s own. The video shows a teen friendly boredness, as the video shows Grande making eyes at a gentleman who is dating a girl who… looks exactly like Ariana. The video shows Grande hanging out with them, seducing who we think is the guy, but then– shock and surprise! Gasp and gasp! Ariana kisses the girl who looks and is dressed almost exactly like her! Gaaaasp!

So what is the video about? Is it about an incredible exploration of self love– in the absolute literal way? Is it a sign that Ariana Grande has lost faith in the traditional (and extremely boring) dream of a good life with a single partner and is now exploring breaking up couples, being more overtly sexual, and experimenting with her sexual orientation? Or maybe it’s an admission to queerness that Grande never could admit as the kind of star who needs to be sitting on the Spotify playlist of every teenager in Middle America? Hey, who knows! This is our second Ariana Grande album in about six months, who the bigger question is: why so much Grande? Is this too much Grande? Can there be too much Grande? Hey. We don’t know. But the video was pretty cool, right?

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