Ariana Grande Reveals Familiar and New “Thank U Next” Cover

"Thank U Next"?! No! Just thank u!

Ariana Grande just revealed the cover to her upcoming album, “Thank u Next”, and the cover is exciting. At once familiar — with the upside down angle reminding us of the cover to her last album, August 2018’s “Sweetener” — but also bold, as Ariana Grande put it herself in Tweets discussing the cover “She still upside down, but this time… fucks w it”.

Additionally, the cover’s pose sort of reflects one of Ariana Grande’s earlier covers, the one for 2013’s “Yours Truly”. The cover for “Yours Truly” had a sweet and almost high school tinged cover. This one has much of an insane DIY vibe. Polaroids, tattoos, all of that reflects a more independent punkish lifestyle. Could it be tinged with influence from the last year, one loaded with heartbreak, pain, Pete Davidson, and somewhat cruel release cycles? Is Ariana Grande reflecting the aging of her fans and the cultural changes that come along with it? I mean, probably.

Ariana Grande then gave some insight on the creation of the album cover, giving credit where credit is due, and calling the cover one of her favorites.

Grande also hinted at an improved sleep schedule which hints at an improved mental health.

Grande has had a notoriously tumultuous few years. She was in the eye of the storm of a tragic terrorist attack in England, and her relationship, and dissolution of relationship, with SNL star Pete Davidson made headlines as an example of both a couple moving too fast, and general heartbreak. The death of her ex-boyfriend Meek Mill further led the star to take a short lived break from entertainment. This album is expected to reflect her struggles and evolution from during this time.

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