PHOTOS: First Pics of Joaquin Phoenix as the JOKER Released

Hmm... are they going to out serious the Dark Knight?

Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker changed the industry. For one, it made the superhero movie something that can be a dramatic film on part with anything else, it brought Academy Award attention to the genre and helped jump start the audience that made every superhero cinematic universe pop. It also made The Joker the kind of role that Very Serious Actors want to play. We already had Jared Leto mugging post Academy Award as the Clown Prince in the very much loathed Suicide Squad, and now we have an actor whose legend as a great trained master of the cinematic big weirdo acting arts, Joaquin Phoenix, taking the role and the first photos released of the actor hint at just what this movie will be.The most notable thing about the photos that immediately stands out is that Joaquin Phoenix has foregone the Joker make up in the shots these are from. Instead we see a slimy, slithery, skinny long haired creep taking a cigarette into a children’s theme park, which certainly feels like something the villainous Joker would do. This is all of course a part of Todd Phillips’ Joker origin story. The carnival setting hints that this could be an adaptation of “The Killing Joke”, the gritty Joker graphic novel written by Alan Moore and drawn by Brian Bolland, but beyond that, we don’t know what else this movie has! Is it about a greasy haired individual who looks at a carnival and goes “mmmm, my favorite”.

Probably. We still don’t know much about the movie. Will a Donald Trump inspired Bruce Wayne still make the scene? Will I, Alex, enter the theater and… make a scene when the Joker first puts on his iconic make up and says his famous line “I think it’s time to laugh, maybe?” What, that’s not his catchphrase? Well, let’s just wait and see…

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