Radio Station Plays ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ Non Stop, To Own Someone, Annoy Everyone

The real controversy should be how this song stinks.

When it comes to awful conversations around the holiday season that I personally find… exhausting there are two that make everything else seem like Santa Small Talk. The first, is Die Hard a Christmas movie? The only correct answer is “oh my God, who cares”. The other exhausting conversation is wether or not “Baby It’s Cold Outside” inappropriate. The answer is kind of complicated — the song itself in the context of today’s culture indeed can sound as if it’s about a man taking advantage of a woman. That said, in the original context of the song, it was a woman playing coy due to the norms of the time would not permit a woman to take agency of her own sexuality. The song was not meant to be an anthem about a man taking advantage of a woman, and what started as a jokey observation about it somehow morphed into real concern.

But what’s infinitely more irritating than picking apart a song that has absolutely no place in the modern era because it’s straight up bad? Trying to hurt the feelings of those who felt the need to say something by playing the song infinitely on a loop for two hours straight, as this one Kentucky radio station did.

The station of WAKY in Elizabethtown played the song, posting on Facebook: “We’re not afraid to play it.”, which might be the most chickenpoop brag I’ve ever heard. Wow, you’re not afraid to play a Christmas song!? On Christmas!? Damn, look out the troops and Sully! This guy is brave! Truly only the most narcissistic cowards would brag about this, but I digress.

Joe Fredele, director of programming for WAKY told CBS: “I’m not sure why it’s controversial. We’ve played this song for years, you know, this song is older than WAKY is. It’s almost 70 years old.”

Well. The song isn’t controversial for being old. Ugh. What a jerk. Now I’m on the other people’s side. Having to hear the same Christmas song for a few hours straight also sounds like a circle of hell. Screw this, let’s never talk about this song again.

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