Shane Dawson Taking HIATUS from Internet After Comments About His Weight Online

is he leaving us!?

Shane Dawson is taking a break from the internet after his most recent video was filled with fans commenting about his weight gain, and he’s speaking out about it. Everyone has those moments where they look through the comments section of their videos and they can’t believe what they are looking at. That’s just what happened to him lately. Shane, who has been on YouTuber for more than a decade and has amassed more than 23 million subscribers on the platform, has helped countless people with their own personal endeavors online giving their own channels a life or a boost if you will.

Usually Shane keeps to himself for a lot of issues that he has gone through, and he says that the comments section has been a big reason for his insecurities.

After posting his latest video following a two week break online, he received a large amount of nasty messages about his weight gain. In the earlier days of Shane Dawson’s social media career, he posted vlogs fairly frequently, and his subscribers grew accustomed to seeing new content on a regular basis. Aside from his The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star series, which ended in November of 2019, Shane hasn’t been posting videos on his regular channel.

Shane called out one comment in particular, and he explained that hurtful words are part of the reason why he doesn’t post videos as often as he used to.

One of the comments said, “I love Shane, but it’s a shame to watch him putting all this weight back on while everyone around him laughs and enables it.”

He responded to the comment with this tweet saying “Hey Shane “Hey Shane why don’t u post more? Why don’t u upload more?,” he tweeted on Feb. 19. “Well… this you would think after 13 years on YouTube comments wouldn’t get to me but damn… they still feel like the very first time haha.”

Shortly after posting his original tweet, many came out to support the YouTuber. Shane then admitted that he would likely be taking a hiatus from social media.

He then posted, “Thanks for the nice tweets. I appreciate it a lot. Sorry I got sensitive and posted that. I usually just ignore stuff but I’m just in a weird headspace lately,” he wrote. “I think I’m gonna take a break from the internet for a bit. Thanks for being supportive and having my back.” While the nameless YouTube commenter’s words would be hurtful to nearly anyone, Shane has been open about his body dysmorphia and subsequent eating disorder in the past.

In 2014, he admitted that he had issues with his appearance and that he constantly thought of himself as fat. In 2019 he tweeted: “i genuinely thought i was fat back then. i remember not even wanting to leave the house that day cause of it. it’s so crazy how things look so different when u look back on them. moral of the story, be nicer to yourself and ur future self will thank you. that’s my new goal”

In The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star in 2019, Shane further spoke about not wanting to attend public events because he was insecure about how he was looking. Jeffree helped him build his confidence, which contributed to Shane’s subsequent passion for makeup.