Shawn Mendes Releases New Album

The self-titled album has 14 bops on it that are sure to take your breath away.

by Amy Walters

Oh, sweet Shawn Mendes. How you never fail to bring such amazing music that is a pleasure for the ears. His self-titled album was released on May 25th, and fans everywhere are obsessing over it.

Not only is the album artwork a masterpiece…

Some have called it “dark liquor smooth” and compared it to the likes of Ed Sheeran and Justin Timberlake.

For the release of the album, Mendes participated in a Q+A on Twitter, and let out a few hints on what fans might expect on tour.

Shawn Mendes also said that the reason that this album is self-titled is because he wanted to “stamp this moment in time at 19 as he has never felt more true to himself as he does now. The album shows maturity, growth and self-expression at its finest and it is 44 minutes of pure heaven.

The album comprises of 14 songs, featuring In My Blood, which charted in the top 10 singles in the UK, and slick jazzy hit, Lost in Japan. Featuring popular artists such as: Khalid and Julia Michaels, this album is sure to be one of Mendes’ best so far.

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