SNL Gives Us Gift Of Freakish Talking Ugly Cake


In a rare shift for a show that is famously unpredictable in its quality, Saturday’s SNL was actually great. From Don Cheadle’s searing threads to a sketch where Cheadle has sex with a guy’s wife as a cockroach, there was plenty for freaks and freakish fans of comedy to enjoy, and few freak things were as fun as the “ugly cake” sketch, as terrible bakers on a British Bake-Off style show (Extreme Baking Championship!) tried to create popular cartoon characters using the deathless art of the bake, only to result in terrifying freaks who begged for death and may or may not have been named Sean. Check out this mini comedy masterpiece of a sketch below.

So just to recap — we have a freakish and ugly Frozen cake, a Cookie Monster cake that’s just a blue blob and begs for death in Kenan Thompson’s voice, a fairly decent Spongebob cake (although I think the judges are right, it’s a perfectly fine cake but there’s no challenge you know), and a cake of Yoda holding his world famous penis. What a masterpiece. Even the contestants’ asahmed faces are an absolute art form made manifest.

I love this sketch. If SNL stops trying to crunch out its political parodies (which — look, they do make the president mad which rocks, but Alec Baldwin’s Trump impression is the most grating thing the show’s produced since Rob Schneider) and gives some love to its freaks of an abhorrent nature, then maybe we can get some masterpieces going here!

But what do you think of the grotesque cake sketch? Is it everything you hoped it would be? Would you eat these damn cakes? Would you drink their blue fluid? I need answers. Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.