SNL Unveils 2017-2018 Swear Filled, Giggly, Blooper Reel

If you wanted to see Kenan Thompson swear as Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's Uncle Phil, this is the clip for you.

Bloopers. Errors. The element of humanity we are most want to hide from the world. The part of our lives which screams error and we scream, “Nay! We are better! You must understand! I am merely SNL host Charles Barkley! I cannot comprehend the complex Star Wars parody dialogue which you have begged me to speak!” Also sometimes they swear and laugh, and we get to see the familiar sketches from last season presented in a new and exciting light. Weee!

Saturday Night Live has released its latest collection of bloopers from its much lauded filmed bits — tiny cinema to thrill the senses and hypnotize the super eyes! We’ve got hosts and comedians alike messing up, often in parodies with hundreds of fake words being uttered as they’re dressed n their best Star Wars regalia. We have the great Kate MacKinnon and Aidy Bryant improvising their way through a dolphin masturbation set, we have Chris Redd and Mikey Day improvising their way through a series of confusing set ups. Hell, we even have Mr. SNL himself, Will Ferrell, walking around with an anti prespirant that helps him with the stress of being exposed as a creep by the #MeToo movement. Also, Donald Glover giggles. It’s nice.

Oh, bloopers! You flabby device of a world where error reigns! Are we perfect beasts? Are we creatures who move through the universe as animatrons on a set path? Nay. Bloopers are expressions of our humanity. We see something funny, we laugh. We cannot remember scripted dialogue with perfection. We are mortals, as are the stars of the hit NBC program Saturday Night Live. Let us live our humanity as just that– people.

Also it was funny when Kate MacKinnon said she never taught dolphin the words for penis parts, lololol.

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