Transgender YouTubers Thrown Out of Jake Paul’s Team 10 Party After Accused of not Being “Real Girls”

Transgender YouTubers were thrown out of Jake Paul’s Team 10 party after his video editor accused them of not being “real girls.” The two LA based YouTubers, Lilah Gibney and Kendall Raindrop were invited to attend a party at 1:30am on Saturday June 29 at the Team 10 house in Calabasas, California. The duo was escorted out of the house after video editor, Blane O’Roark announced that he had been told “real girls were coming.” The two internet personalities filmed and posted a video together on Lilah Gibney’s YouTube channel with video evidence after they arrived back home that morning.

After the first time O’Roark said he had expected “real girls” at the party, Gibney spontaneously thought to start recording the scene. Unexpectedly, O’Roark repeated his thoughts about the two transgender friends not being “real girls” which Gibney captured on camera. Gibney and Raindrop responded asking O’Roark if they “looked like real girls” and according to Raindrop the editor responded with, “Yeah but you’re like not one.” He went on to say “I’m not trying to be disrespectful — I’m just being real.” The friends were then kicked out of the party with the front door locked behind them.

In Lilah Gibney’s sit down, storytime-style Youtube video, she describes the atmosphere of the party and what occurred in the first few minutes of their experience in the $7 million mansion. “I don’t even know how to explain to you guys how disgusting the energy was,” she says. “I feel like as soon as we got in there it was so bad,” Raindrop adds. Gibney goes on to say that the party was filled with “random people” she didn’t recognize. In the video, the friends explain how just a few minutes after arriving to the Calabasas location, the editor approached them asking if they had a party to get to and suggested they leave. The interaction continued when Gibney and Raindrop asked why they would consider leaving after just recently arriving. Next was when O’Roark blurted out “I don’t know, like I just thought you were gonna come with like real girls.” It was after that line that Gibney began recording the transphobia on her phone.

In the YouTube video, Gibney explained, “It’s something trans people in general deal with literally every second, every day. This is the least dramatic experience that happens with most trans people, it’s just such a scary world.” In the beginning of the video, she also mentions that the incident had nothing to do with Jake Paul himself. After the dehumanizing happening, Gibney took to Instagram and YouTube to voice what had happened. She soon received a call from a Team 10 manager who asked her to take down the video and threatened legal action against Gibney. Before she posted the video a Team 10 affiliate had attempted to manipulate Gibney by saying that Jake Paul’s reputation would be at stake if she shared the experience publicly on the internet.