‘The Walking Dead’ Fans Negatively React to Season 6 Finale

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  • Last night, the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead ended on a cliffhanger that united fans on the Twitters. I won’t dance around it. This finale pissed people off, and rightfully so. This whole season has had more than its fair share of surprises, heartbreaking moments, and visceral engagements that have captivated fans to the edge of their seats. However, the steady increase of fan rage toward the head-scratching decisions made by producers plateaued last evening.

  • I can’t imagine anyone else not having the same reaction

  • Same.

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  • Well that escalated quickly

  • Do they think this is a game to us?

  • So not fetch

  • The unsullied on Game of Thrones have more testicular fortitude

  • Most likely true

  • They even troll the actors

  • Bingo

  • Done right, a cliffhanger can work to a show’s advantage to keep audiences hooked and eager for what’s to come. But sadly, the producers of The Walking Dead mucked this one up. This whole series has become just a string of cliffhangers that throwaway all of the tension leading up to the point where the screen turns black, leaving fans hanging out to dry and waiting until the next season or the mid-season premiere. It’s as if the producers have no clue how to structure story to serve the purposes to the characters or narrative, only themselves to get ratings.

    What do you think about the Season 6 finale cliffhanger? Will you stay tuned for seventh season of The Walking Dead or have you been turned off?