Orange is the New Black’s Season 4 Trailer Is Here, and We Can’t Wait

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  • The best part of the year is binge-watching Orange is the New Black every summer. As we draw closer and closer to that June 17th release date, the anticipation grows and grows, but at least now we have a real, full trailer to get us even more amped up.

    A criticism of season three for some was that the show focused more on the backstories of minor characters rather than an overarching plot. While it’s obvious that this show no longer belongs to Piper Chapman like it did in season one, it seems her ruthless choices last season a part of what helps propel a larger plot of unrest in the prison in season four. But a lot of our minor characters are given emotional (if utterly without context) trailer time, giving us hope that this new season blends the best elements of all three past seasons. There are still no signs of several characters whose fates were up in the air by the end of season three, so I guess we’ll just have to wait until June to see what happened to them. Unless we get another trailer!