Watch SNL’s Cut “Oregon Trail” Skit Starring Brie Larson

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  • It’s too bad YouTube wasn’t around during the heyday of Saturday Night Live, or that it wasn’t properly utilized by the show during the Tina Fey/Amy Poehler era, because it would have been amazing to see what skits got cut for time back then. As it stands, we all know SNL is really hit and miss, but it’s interesting to see what skits are shot but don’t make it to the final show all the same. This week’s show, hosted by Brie Larson, excluded a skit where Larson and Aidy Bryant play a grieving daughter and widow of a man who died on the Oregon Trail. And they choose to honor that memory through some questionable song and dance. What do you think, should this one have been included over some of the ones that made it?