Backstreet Boys Melt Hearts at 2016 Miss USA Pageant

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  • The Backstreet Boys have been hitting the pavement hard the past couple years, suddenly trying to prove that they are still relevant, largely through reliance on their old, familiar hits. But that’s okay, because we’re glad they’re here, and we love whatever it is they’re doing. Except maybe that zombie movie, that was a little weird.

    Walking undead aside, BSB’s latest television appearance was last night on Fox’s Miss USA pageant. They performed two of their old school hits, “As Long As You Love Me” and “I Want It That Way.” Both songs had the crowd singing along and screaming — maybe not as insanely as one of their original concerts, but still with the intensity of a group of late millennials that’s absolutely thrilled to time travel back to the best days of their lives. And the Boys do still have the voices to put on a show, even if they should maybe consider a name change to something a little more age appropriate. Though “Backstreet Men” just sounds a little too much like creepy dudes who are going to jump you in an alley.

    We’ll stick with Backstreet Boys for now! And I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of them sooner than we even realize. Much like the Dead 7 zombies, they will never die. Apparently.