Tina Fey Makes Up Joni Mitchell Songs With Maya Rudolph

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • The great thing about Maya Rudolph and Martin Short having their own variety show this summer is that they can bring on their funny pals to join them for various segments. Perhaps one of the least surprising yet most anticipated guests Rudolph could have brought on was Tina Fey, who joined her last week for a tribute of sorts to past variety shows. Rudolph and Fey took the stage on comically high barstools, with comically tiny microphones, and reminisced over their favorite aspects of classic 1970s variety shows. Much of this took the form of song, with the duo performing a randomly switching up medley of various songs, as well as making up music that potentially could have been sung by Joni Mitchell. It’s definitely a nostalgic segment, and one that may seem a little strange to viewers who aren’t familiar with older variety shows, but it’s always great to see Rudolph and Fey sharing the stage again.

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