Ricky Gervais Does The Best Impressions

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • We’ve all seen those videos on YouTube where someone does a whole bunch of different impressions in rapid succession. Even when the majority of them are generally characters from Family Guy and/or Disney, they’re pretty impressive. Can you do that? I can’t.

    Ricky Gervais can. Or so he told Jimmy Fallon after Fallon pseudo-criticized him for not doing an accent in a film where the other actors around him all had to switch up theirs. So Fallon went ahead and challenged him: as many celebrity impressions as you can do in 30 seconds, and threw recognizable names at him like Robert DeNiro and Arnold Schwarzenegger. How did he stack up? Well, it’s Ricky Gervais! He was absolutely wonderful! His impression of Mickey Mouse over and over again was so, so very close.

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