Donald Trump’s VP Pick Is In: His Mini-Me

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  • What’s scarier than the idea of Donald Trump becoming President of the United States? Honestly, very little. But the idea of him becoming President AND Vice President definitely fits the bill.

    If you’ve missed the video going around of the 8th grader doing impersonations of all the remaining presidential candidates, you’re in luck, because he joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show to show us what a world where Trump cloned himself and ran as his own VP might look like. (I never thought I’d say “luck” and “Trump cloned himself” in the same sentence, and I hope I never have to again.) The talented kid also does his impressions of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, which are just as impressive, if not a little creepy coming from the mouth of an orange blob.

    Hopefully you’re registered to vote and ready to protect our country against an army of Trumps coming to build all the walls everywhere. But for now, we’ll keep it fictional — who do you think has the best Donald Trump impersonation? Let us know in the comments or over on Twitter @WhatsTrending.