Game of Thrones Actors Audition for Their Roles

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  • Ever wondered how your favorite Game of Thrones actors got cast in their roles? Well, you may not have to wonder any longer with this giant compilation of audition tapes from the show.

    Watching some of the most epic lines of TV history delivered in shoddy lighting and surrounded by blank walls rather than the epic landscape of Westeros is a little jarring, but it’s still pretty easy to see why these talented actors were chosen to play their respective characters. And it’s such a reminder that some of them were tiny, tiny children when this all started, and oh how they’ve grown up into warriors.

    Warning: it may also make you nostalgic for some of those characters that have fallen prey to a death that is inevitable for most everyone in the war for the throne.

    Were there any auditions you wished had been in this compilation but weren’t? And how about that finale, huh?? Talk to us. Comment or hit us up on Twitter @WhatsTrending.