Review Every Emmy Nomination with Honest Trailers

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  • With TV happening all year round these days and new seasons starting every month, it’s hard to keep track of when your favorite shows are on. It’s even harder to keep track of when The Emmys happen. Didn’t they just happen? Was that another awards show? There are fifty, all honoring the same five shows on a loop, so who can keep track anyway?

    If you need a refresher of what exactly has been on, and what exactly has been nominated, have no fear, Honest Trailers has got you covered. In this special Emmys edition, they circle through every show nominated for best drama and best comedy, giving them a bite-sized Honest Trailers run down.

    Honest Trailers itself is nominated for outstanding short form variety series this year, so it seems unlikely that we’ll get their version of the actual Emmys once they’ve aired, but that would be kind of great, too. Maybe if they lose.

    What shows are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @WhatsTrending.