It's more than just not wearing white.
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  • Ah, Labor Day. A day where no one has to work, except for everyone who has to work. Even animals love it. Labor Day is known for three things: 1. being a day off from work, 2. being the day where we solemnly contemplate the sacrifices workers made for all of us in the 1930s (that we’ve spent the last 30 years undoing), and 3. marking the last time everyone is allowed to wear white until the next summer.

    John Oliver thinks there’s more than just the wearing of white that needs to end. Though Last Week Tonight is on hiatus, Oliver and his team put together a quick web exclusive video for all of us fans of flashy yet functional stunts and hatin’ on Donald Trump.

    In the video, Oliver gives us some other strong seasonal demarcations: no decorative gourds after Thanksgiving, no eggnog after New Year’s Eve. Then he lays the smackdown on other things that should end — permanently. Check out the video above to see what’s annoying Oliver this week.

    Last Week Tonight has been pretty good about releasing new videos even while they’re on hiatus. Peep last week’s video, in which Oliver tells us about the superhero he invented in fifth grade, below:

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  • “He’s seen a boob, and he knows what the F word is.” Man, I wish I were as cool as Johnny Strong.

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