Scary Spice Helps Match Contestants on Live Tinder

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  • Tinder is so impersonal. You swipe, swipe, swipe and don’t get any of the body language or real life chemistry cues to know if you’d actually be a good match. Of course, there are upsides to it, too, or it wouldn’t be so popular. You can sift through people a lot faster and without worrying so much about hurting anyone’s feelings on an app.

    James Corden decided to combine parts of the online experience with reality and see what happened. Yes, live Tinder. And no, his show isn’t the first to do it, but they’re probably the first to enlist the expert opinion of a former Spice Girl to help their audience member choose between these possible dates.

    Can James and Mel B help Alex find love? Watch her swipe right, swipe left, and break some hearts.

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