South Park Comes Back, Takes on the Colin Kaepernick Controversy

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  • We’ve spilled a lot of digital ink already on the Colin Kaepernick controversy. When the story first broke two weeks ago, we gave you our take in a story called “Love for America Doesn’t Have to Be Blind.” Then, when a bunch of crybabies decided to get #boycottNFL trending on Twitter — over this, and not the literally dozens of other real scandals in the NFL — we made fun of them. But all that was before South Park weighed in. Who knows what we’ll think after this week’s premiere episode airs?

    South Park, AKA “the only reason to have Comedy Central for most of the network’s existence (except the last five years and when Chappelle’s Show was on),” has never been one to shy away from controversy. They’ve gone up against just about every powerful force in modern society, including the religious and the non-religious; liberals, conservatives, and everyone in between; and, of course, those good-for-nothing Canadians.

    If the clip of the upcoming episode is any guide, they’ll be going hard after at least one side of the football fans vs. Black Lives Matter debate. So far, they’ve done an excellent job of having it both ways on most controversies, and have been surprisingly sensitive about a wide range of issues — like in season 18’s “The Cissy,” which managed to take a serious look at transgender rights while still being funny.

    Hopefully, writer/creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone can maintain their momentum. The clip we’ve seen so far is pretty funny, poking fun at the way some people fall all over themselves to criticize cops while also depending on their protection. As long as they can keep it about that, and not cross the line into “Black Lives Matter is dumb,” this looks to be another solid episode.

    What do you think? Will South Park nail it again, or is the season everything goes off the rails? Let us know in the comments or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!