‘The Simpsons’ Meet ‘Adventure Time’ in This Instant Classic Couch Gag

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  • It’s tough to stay fresh 28 — yes, 28 — seasons in. One way The Simpsons has tried to stay fresh is by changing up the couch gags. Where in early seasons the couch gags were fairly simple, featuring the Simpsons family approaching their familiar pink couch in various creative-but-not-insane ways, the past few years of couch gags have been pretty off the wall. From memorable gags like the one by guest animator Don Hertzfeldt to Guillermo del Toro’s take and even the unofficial pixel art gag, we’ve seen a wide variety of animation styles represented on the classic show.

    With season 28 premiering Sunday, The Simpsons mixes it up again with an homage to one of the most popular animated shows on TV right now: Adventure Time. Here’s the video that’s been blowing up the internet today:

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  • As a big fan of both shows, I had a lot of fun picking out the little details the Simpsons animators worked in to pay tribute to Adventure Time. If you’re not familiar with the latter show, here’s the opening sequence that The Simpsons is referencing:

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  • This isn’t the first time The Simpsons has paid tribute to another animated show. Remember the season 26 finale’s couch gag guest-written/animated by the Rick and Morty team? Let me refresh your memory:

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