Adam Conover Explains Why Trump’s Wall Isn’t Just a Moral Problem

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  • Adam Ruins Everything, truTV’s series explaining the faults in just about everything, is back with an immigration themed episode. The clip, featured on CollegeHumor’s YouTube channel, was made for the channel that launched Adam’s career. (For more, check out the time Adam ruined awards shows earlier this season.)

    The episode starts out with a Latin family having a discussion about immigration in front of the TV. That is, before host Adam Conover pops out of the television. Throughout the clip (and therefore, probably, the episode) Conover and the family speak Spanish. He keeps getting called a goblin, which is everything.

    Conover explains why the wall won’t work: first, it goes over too varied a terrain, including mountains, rivers, and homes; plus, it would be prohibitively expensive — not just to build, but also to fully staff it, which means it would be part of the country’s budget for generations.

    Another problem with the wall is that it outright wouldn’t stop up to 40% of illegal immigration, because planes can fly over walls, and 40% of undocumented immigrants come in on planes. Building the wall wouldn’t stop people from coming in. Instead, it would stop people from leaving, which has been what has historically happened with up to 80% of immigrants.

    Also, Mexico’s economy has grown and the population boom has slowed, which means there’s less pressure to leave, and immigration numbers are at a low. Not everybody wants to come here anymore.

    For the sources to Adam’s claims, check out this site that lists them all.

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