Alec Baldwin Returns to SNL in Wake of Trump’s Lewd Comments

  • UPDATE: Since this post was first published, there’s been a great deal of fallout from the original story — so we made a video about the whole ordeal. Check out our video above, and read on for the original story below…

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  • Saturday Night Live and Alec Baldwin have done it again.

    If you haven’t already seen it, Baldwin made his first appearance as Trump on SNL following the first Presidential debate last week. Social media has continued to go nuts over his initial Trump impression, with some users even suggesting that he continue to play the role of the Presidential candidate.

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  • Social media asked, and SNL surely delivered.

    The sketch opens with the vice presidential debate between Senator Tim Kaine (D-Va) and Indiana Governor Mike Pence. Just as Pence begins to speak of Trump and how he had “never said a single bad thing” about women, things got interesting.

    A CNN Breaking News alert interrupts, and in comes the one-and-only Alec Baldwin.

    It may be hard to believe, but Baldwin outdid himself with his Trump impression once again. When asked about the comments, “Trump” simply “apple-o-gized” for what he had said when he was a “young, childish 59-year old man.”

    Yup… he “apple-o-gized,” because Trump would never actually “apologize” for anything.

    Having had enough with the discussion about his lewd comments, “Trump” does something kind of nice… he offers his condolences and prayers to the people of Florida affected by Hurricane Matthew. Now, I know what you’re thinking — too good to be true. Well, it is.

    After concluding his interview with CNN’s “Brooke Baldwin” (played by Cecily Strong), “Trump” gets caught making more offensive comments, off-camera, thanks to a hot mic.

    Stay tuned for an appearance from Kate McKinnon as a barely-contained Hillary Clinton, and you’ve got a pretty great sketch.

    Most of those who got the chance to see the sketch absolutely loved it, and, of course, took to Twitter to tweet their support for Baldwin’s latest stint as Trump.

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