‘Family Guy’ Parodied the Trump Tape, and It Was Hysterical

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  • Family Guy is known for a few things: making people laugh, and absurd cutaways. What Family Guy has never really been known for is pressing political coverage. But that’s just what the long-running animated sitcom did, when they released their take on the Trump Tape. You know the one I’m talking about (that’s not even all of them). For the record, every word in that sentence (and parentheses) is a different link.

    Seth MacFarlane, who created, produces, and runs Family Guy and American Dad, and who wrote and starred in classic movies like Ted and A Million Ways to Die in the West (lol), tweeted this video. Here’s his original tweet:

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  • In the video, Peter Griffin has found his way onto Trump’s bus. Billy Bush is still there, but Griffin dominates the second part of the conversation. Griffin tries to stop Trump from saying everything he does, but he’s unsuccessful. Griffin starts inventing Twitter and Uber, and says up front that it’s 2005. “Everything’s changing”.

    Peter also calls out Trump’s inability to open the bus – “cause of his tiny hands”.

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