Baby Iguana Gets Born, Immediately Has to Outrun Snakes

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  • Planet Earth II got real, real quick. We’ve already covered how the mother of all nature series is getting a second season. Now, that season has already begun. With snakes and sea iguanas and life and death.

    See, the sea iguana is called that because it lives near (and in) the sea. But it can’t be born in the ocean. So it must race there. Immediately after being born.

    That means out-running, out-maneuvering, and out-distancing snakes who live their whole lives as the masters of speed. Those iguanas have to be ready to run in the eggshell.

    Naturally, Twitter has thoughts on the rough first minute of a sea iguana’s life:

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  • As the iguana leaps and sprints its way towards the sea, it gets caught by the snakes. But it’s able to escape. It then just loses itself to its adrenaline and gets the hell out of there.

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