Kristen Wiig Is Behind the Weirdest Things in This Cut SNL Sketch

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  • Ever wonder who thought of the peacock? The flamingo? The volcano? Well, SNL is here to explain. In this cut-for-time sketch, Kirstin Wiig shows off her creativity. As Hindra, a “Goddess of Creation”, she creates things without much sense. But her diamond overlord approves of them them. This comes the same week as a reminder from SNL that Trump doesn’t have a plan.

    Hindra is a little bit out there. While her compatriots are making things like various Bears and Hooorses and MegaDogs, she’s making things like the flamingo – “I thought it would be fun if it always hides one of its legs” – and clams – “like a little nugget of slime in a hard coin purse”.

    And because her ideas are so out there, her companions get frustrated. At one point, Kate McKinnon throws a lightning bolt. Yet the Crystal Overlord keeps coming back to Hindra. That means the further invention of the volcano and the peacock.

    Eventually Hindra even invents music. So, you know, at least the flamingo and the peacock got us to that.

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