Watch Mario’s Creator Play the Game’s Classic Theme With the Roots

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  • When video game legend Shigeru Miyamoto came on to The Tonight Show to promote the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s bold new system, few knew what to expect. Would he reveal more footage from the new Legend of Zelda game? Would he finally tell us the truth of where Mario goes when he dies?

    Or would he finally do what we want every video game programmer to do— and play us some sweet licks?

    Oh baby you better believe it’s the latter! Shigeru Miyamoto sat down with legendary Tonight Show band The Roots — themselves no strangers to quirky musical combinations— and played the classic theme song to 1985’s original Super Mario Bros. This is like watching Dylan play “All Along the Watchtower”— if that song’s title was about a sweet video game level about climbing up a watchtower.

    In any case— please Mr. Fallon! Bring Shigeru back! I want to see a sweet aging legend play the Earthbound theme! And maybe, if there’s time— two Earthbound themes!

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