Ugh. Louis CK Returns To Stage To Spout More BS, Discusses Allegations

If you love sex crimes and hack comedy, you hero is here.

It’s incredible how all it takes to crack open certain stand ups over a certain age into becoming full fledged creeps is just the barest hint of consequence. For example, if any of us came to work and began to masturbate in front of our coworkers, we would very correctly not be allowed to go back to work, and possibly be facing a sex offender charge. Louis CK however, like so many comedians above a certain age, view consequence towards their many crimes to be undemocratic. Now, he has followed up his truly awful stand up set from New Year’s Eve, with another truly awful stand up set, where he at long last makes a clear reference to the charge that got him on the outs of comedy but um… maybe not in a way that implies even an iota of self reflection.

The exact quote was, according to “The Daily Beast”, was: ‘I like to jerk off, and I don’t like being alone’. Lovely. It’s interesting to see this charge that was once the quiet disgusting whispered secret about one of comedy’s most successful and abusive men be reduced to the verbal equivalent of a dry fart. Again, a man who should be thanking his stars that his worst consequence is not having four TV shows seems very annoyed that people are wondering why he sexually assaulted so many people.

Louis CK then, like Kevin Hart before him, chided the audience, you know, the people these stars feel have an obligation to love them no matter how homophobic or sexually assault happy they are, that comedy is about: “The whole point of comedy is to say things that you shouldn’t say. That’s the entire point”.

But of course, that kind of sentiment is stupid and reductive and could only come from a hack or a sex criminal. The point of comedy is to make people laugh. It could be done by broaching a taboo subject, but it could also be done by cutting deep into yourself. The shock of the unknown can be done in many ways, and Louie CK once did it by looking at himself.

So I guess his ever shrinking fanbase isn’t the only one that doesn’t want to see what’s in there.

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