Vegan TikToker Compares Black Lives Matter Movement to Veganism

Lauren Rebecca Perez uses "Animal Lives Matter" to try to show that the Black Lives Matter Movement and Veganism are similar.  She posted an apology video a few days later explaining her meaning behind it. 

Vegan Lauren Rebecca Perez made a Tik Tok comparing the Black Lives Matter movement to Veganism. She stirred up some controversy with a Tik Tok explaining why Veganism and the Black Lives Matter movement are the same.

In the TikTok, she explains that“Veganism and Black Lives Matter: it’s all the same fight” She also says that “all beings on this planet deserve a right without fear of abuse” and that everyone should “stop killing black people” and “stop killing animals.” This Tik Tok got a lot of hate. No one understood why she was using this time with protests on police brutality to push her views on Veganism.

Perez posted a two-part apology on twitter. She talked about how systematic racism occurs in communities of people of color who live near meat processing plants and how the meat industry doesn’t care for its black workers. Everyone was still mad that she was talking about black lives matter and animal lives matter as equals. After her apology was posted to Twitter, a lot of people didn’t accept it.

One person said, “it’s not the moment, it’s not the right situation. You’re invalidating a movement that needs much more attention at the moment. You’re basically saying that black lives are like animal lives like black people and animals are the same.” Commenting on her apology, someone said “She is spitting very good facts! But stop equating black lives to Veganism! That’s her only (but Large) issue with what she’s saying. How does she not get this!”

Her apology had a lot of good points, saying that there are companies that don’t care about the poor conditions their black workers go through, but it still consisted of comparing the black lives matter movement to veganism.