VIDEO: Did Lindsay Lohan Really Try To KIDNAP A Syrian Refugee?


Lindsay Lohan posted a strange video to Instagram Live on Friday night, where she claims she was trying to rescue to children who were being trafficked.

Lohan streamed her confrontation with this family for several minutes on Instagram Live. At first, she believes them to be Syrian refugees and says she’ll pay for the boy in the group to have a night in a hotel. She makes the same offer to the rest of the family, but then they get up and try to walk away from her.

At this point, Lohan begins accusing them of trafficking children, and she tries to coax one of the boys away from the adults. She also, at multiple points, appears to speak Arabic to the family, but native Arabic speakers online wrote that what Lohan was saying was “weird gibberish”

It should be pointed out that we really don’t know anything about the family, or even precisely where this took place. Though most reports indicate that it was on the streets of Paris. Right now, we have no reason to believe the adults in the video are not the childrens’ parents.

The live story reaches a climax when Lohan tries to physically remove from one of the boys from the adults, and the woman attacks her. At that point, Lohan ends her pursuit and appears to be somewhat in shock.

Now, this whole thing has really confused her followers around the world.

Yeah, Lindsay’s kind of like Kanye. Anything they do out of the ordinary is going to get a lot of press attention, but all that scrutiny might make worse anything she’s going through. So…even though we’re covering it too because it’s too weird to ignore…go easy on her, okay?

But according to some people close to her, Lindsay stands by her decision to confront the family, that she still believes the children are Syrian refugees who are being trafficked.

The Blast photographed her on Monday morning in Paris, seemingly with her wits about her. So, maybe she wouldn’t appreciate the world speculating about her mental state either. Okay guys, let me know what you think about all this in the comments below or tell us on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.