VIDEO: Dodie and Hazel Hayes Strip Down For Body Positivity

Dodie and Hazel Hayes teamed up with a photographer to take stunning photos promoting body positivity.

British Singer/songwriter Dodie and comedian YouTuber Hazel Hayes have teamed up with photographer Linda Blacker for a inspiring photoshoot about body positivity. Blacker is known for creating portraits of YouTubers and previously photographed the pair as Snow White and The Evil Queen.

This shoot, however is a little different. Stripped back and raw, Blacker said she created the set with just a blanket and rug in Dodie and Hazel’s lounge.

BFFs Hazel and Dodie have been living together since 2016. They regularly posts videos together to the sheer delight of their fans.

But this shoot is definitely different than anything they’ve done before. Hazel posted the photos on her instagram saying:

“Earlier this year I hit an all time low in terms of mental health. I felt like a prisoner inside my own body, caged in with my anxiety and depression and forced to fight them constantly. For far too long my body was a battleground, a place where I waged silent war against myself. Now it’s becoming a safe place for me to be. Somewhere calm and peaceful and comfortable. It feels like coming home. It was exhausting and I honestly didn’t know how much longer I could take it.”

Dodie posted the photos to her instagram with the caption: “I wrote a giant post and sent it to my gal pals but they helped me realise that I personally can’t write anything about “body positivity” because I don’t think I’m quite there for myself yet. I can talk about body confidence though; and these pictures help with that for sure. Thank u Linda!”

Hazel and Dodie’s fans were incredibly inspired by the photos leaving tons of supportive comments on the images.

Both Hazel and Dodie are at exciting points in their careers. Hazel is writing a book called Out of Love which is A novel for anyone who’s loved and lost, and lived to tell the tale. And Dodie has a new EP coming out called Human. She’ll also be going on tour around Europe and the UK.

Photographer Linda Blacker has been doing a series of body positive shoots, including shoots with Hannah Witton, Megan Crabbe, Michelle Elman, Stephanie Yeboah, and Lottie L’amour to spread images of positive body images.

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