VIDEO: Mom With “No Boundaries” Gets Andrew Garfield to Record Message for Her Kids

Moms are great, and Andrew Garfield's not bad either!


Moms — the things they do out of love for us (their terrible kids) can be mind-boggling. Take, for example, this mom who, upon discovering Spider-Man actor Andrew Garfield in a restaurant, demanded she take a video for her son (who is sick). The mom, mother to Ian and Emily Palmer, corners the actor only hours after he won The Tony for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Play for his work in Angels in America, and folks… she got a video from him!

In the video, Andrew Garfield, absolutely exhausted, gives his love to the people who he’s recording the video for, jokes about the mother’s absolute lack of boundaries, and then, very helpfully adds, “by the way, this is Andrew Garfield”. You know, the guy who was Spider-Man as briefly as possible? You know… the one!

In any case, the people of Twitter responded very hard to all the love in the room: the mother’s love for her kids meeting Andrew Garfield and Andrew Garfield’s sweet patience with the entire situation. Check out some of the nice responses below — including one from the woman’s daughter!

What do you think of this video? Would you approach a celebrity for a video?

What if it was Batman? How about Hellboy? Yeah, that’s what I thought! You’ve got to approach that celebrity if they played Hellboy! David K. Harbour and Ron Perlman, you better watch out. Here I come to get your autographs and ask you questions about how hot the costume was!

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