VIDEO: Sacha Baron Cohen Messes With Roy Moore With Fake Sex Offender Detector

The segment ends with Roy Moore doubting the incredible technology of Israeli sex offender detectors.

We’ve been having a lot of fun with “Who Is America”, a near perfect show where a bunch of politicians we hate show their butt and yell the n-word. Like that congressman from Georgia who literally showed his butt and said the n-word, Jason Spencer. That was crazy, that guy resigned from congress because of that video! Now, Baron Cohen has set his eyes on another politician worthy of shaming, although in this case maybe one who has already come pre-shamed, Roy Moore. Roy Moore we’ve covered on this very blog after the revelation that he regularly sexually assaults teenage girls as young as 14 sort of sunk his campaign and career. Well, Sacha Baron Cohen came by and visited the disgraced sex criminal as his Israeli mercenary character Essan Morrad.

Morrad comes on to, in his mind, discuss advanced Israeli technology — and boy do they. Baron Cohen unveils a machine that can identify which terrorists are also sex offenders and pedophiles due to some sort of mysterious enzyme. As he showcases the machine’s ability to not beep and identify them as pedophiles you’ll– guys. You’ll never believe what happens. You simply will not believe it. Folks. Friends. Compatriots. Ne’er do wells. The machine beeps on Roy Moore.

Essan Morrad/Baron Cohen then tests the machine out on his director to prove it is broken, but it doesn’t beep. At this point Roy Moore calls Israeli technology faulty, and leaves in an angry huff. It was a long walk, and a lot of work to be able to get a robot to basically call Roy Moroe a pedophile. But oh my God is it funny.

We knew that Sacha Baron Cohen interviewed Roy Moore as Roy Moore tried to get ahead of it by publishing this letter. Word is unknown if he believed an actual real pedophile hunting machine identified him as a pedophile, but he really pulled out all the stops trying to get people to forget the time he got banned from the mall for trying to have sex with fourteen year olds! (Vietnam! Christianity! Wow!)

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