Weezer Fulfills Internet’s Dreams, Covers Toto’s “Africa”

Internet, you must dream of better things. I beg of you.

It can be kind of hard to explain the Internet’s sense of humor. Part group think, part dadaism, but all of it feels like one absurd share lucid dream we can never escape but, darn it, it can be fun at times, such as in this case. After a 14-year-old girl began a Twitter account trying to convince Weezer to cover Africa by ‘Toto’, Weezer did what any band would do when faced with a grand Internet dare in front of an audience of geeky teenagers — they obliged.

The Twitter feed, when explored, can be seen showing us many smart-alecky, funny tweets trying to push the band to cover Toto’s ‘Africa’. Its mission was glorious, and Internet famous figures chimed in to encourage Toto to do the right thing and gosh darn it, cover Africa! Weezer even joined in on the fun and covered… a completely different Toto song — Rosanna! Check out some of the goofy back and forth Twitter antics below.

Of course, Weezer did eventually give in to the dadaist Internet super-dare, at long last covering Toto’s ‘Africa’ and releasing the single on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, and anywhere a very weird music hungry teen could find their cover of Toto that they demanded so long.  Be careful, however. Too much giving in to the Internet and you can become like Rick Astley! Using your actually pretty good song to mess with weathermen all over America.

Also, look. The original version of Africa is a lot better. It’s got better little drums!

What do you think though? Is it good or bad that Weezer covered Toto’s ‘Africa’? Tell us what musicians you’d like to see cover certain songs in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.