Who Should Replace Alex Trebek When He Leaves Jeopardy?

Please question in the form of an answer.

Who should replace Alex Trebek when he leaves Jeopardy? It’s the $5,000 question to an answer that we’re yet unsure about, but there are some names swirling in the ether after Alex Trebek told CNN he may be leaving Jeopardy in 2020. Or rather, he told TMZthere is a 50/50 chance that he may be leaving in two years time. So… these two people could be replacing Trebek (see, I put out the question in the form of an answer).

Well, Trebek has some ideas, and I don’t know if it’s anyone we saw coming. Trebek’s two choice include Alex Faust, a broadcaster for the Los Angeles Kings, and Laura Coates, a legal analyst and author.

But we have a suggestion of our own. How about Will Ferrell? He killed it on SNL! Come on, Jeopardy! Give us whatever weirdness Mike Meyers did on that Goon Show reboot, but with a character we already like! Come on!

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