Zendaya PHOTOSHOPPED in Racist TikTok Video and Twitter is Upset!


For some reason, someone on TikTok thought it would be a great idea to photoshop celebrities to the golden ratio of beauty, and people on Twitter have let us all know that Zendaya was done dirty. 
Unless you live under a rock or want to fight me when I say Zendaya is a gorgeous and stunning, amazing, beautiful human being, then fight me if you have something else to say! But it looks like someone decided to botch this beautiful woman and do her dirty! The 23-yeard old apparently doesn’t sit well with everyone because someone thought it was okay to do this. 

Yeah that’s right, it’s another video about someone on TikTOK for some reason. A lot of comments have deemed this video as racist, or borderline racist to give Zendaya this makeover, but it kind of speaks for itself. The video is titled giving celebrities perfect facial features’ and shows someone on photoshop giving Zendaya a complete facial reconstruction. 

The video on TikTok has nearly 1.5 million views and the comments are mixed on this one. Some of the comments read things like “I hate seeing these racist mf video. “perfect “ by WHOSE standard? Another said, Zendaya is already perfect and she is and the fact at the end she doesn’t’ even look like herself is disgusting I can’t believe people have this kind of mindset.

Now these videos are based on the golden rule of editing and facial structure, which is basically to keep a perfect alignment or perfectly symmetrical.

But users still fought back saying that a lot of these edits are based on Eurocentric looks and she shouldn’t have been edited to fit THAT standard of beauty. 

The person who created this has a series of videos on TikTok that show a variety of other celebs getting this golden rule treatment as well including Ariana Grande, Timothy Chalamet and a few more. 

But others were quick to say that the video could be a criticism of Leonardo da Vinci’s golden rule.

One Twitter user commented, “The perfect face videos are meant to show how dumb the golden ratio is and how people are beautiful without fitting the mod. I’ve seen their YouTube vids and they’re either meant to be jokes or, again, criticizing the golden ratio. 

But as people have in the end been sharing it, they aren’t understanding the concept that this is to really state that people look better WITHOUT these features and are overall trying to just shake up the internet. 

One person said “The person doing these was giving celebrities the ‘Golden Ratio’ to see what they would look like with ‘perfect’ faces,” one commenter wrote. “Even in the original caption they say ‘She looked better before.’ You posted this without context on purpose and that’s f*cked up.”