Post Malone Deletes Safari After Googling Himself

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Post Malone has blessed the ears of many, and at just 23-years-old, he has become a world-wide, award winning musician. However, when Malone decided to have a cheeky Google of himself to see what people were saying, the singer was left very upset and hurt.

Post Malone, whose real name is Austin Post, tweeted saying that he has deleted Safari and all of his search history after having a quick Google of his name to see what people have been saying about him. Unfortunately for Post, people can be very harsh, and sometimes don’t realize how upsetting their words can be.

Although Post didn’t seem too upset about the comments and made a point to those who may be having a rough time due to bullying, or just not feeling great about themselves in general, you could still sense that the rapper was somewhat disheartened by people’s words and has lost a little bit of confidence in himself.

Post Malone has been shown on many videos to be a very genuine, kind-hearted guy, who has always made the time and effort for others, whilst still trying to care for himself and build up to the success that he has today. Because of this, Malone’s fans had to let Posty know that he shouldn’t feel sad about people’s words, and that they love him, even if he is a walking STD…


However, there were some very supportive detectives on the case, who were wondering how the singer was able to tweet this if he doesn’t have Safari. Perhaps Chrome, Firefox?


There were also other musicians who have suffered the blow themselves, who do not recommend reading the comments of others either…

No matter how harsh the comments may be, or whether Post Malone really is a human snot bubble, at least he knows that he has a wide fan base who love him and support him no matter what and I think that matters a million times more than a silly comment made by someone who has nothing better to do with their lives. We love snot bubbles, and we love Post Malone, too!

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