Pranksters Hang Promotional Poster of Themselves in McDonald’s

YouTuber Jehv Maravilla pranked McDonald's by hanging a poster of himself and his friend as McDonald's poster models.
By Amy Walters

Two Filipino-American students played a very funny, yet clever, prank on McDonald’s, by hanging a huge fake promotional poster of themselves in their local fast food chain. Jehv Maravilla, who has his own YouTube channel, posted a video titled ‘We Became McDonalds Poster Models’, which has now been viewed over 600,000 times. Although the prank was fantastic, there was a much bigger message involved. Maravilla pointed out that McDonald’s has little to none Asian representation within their advertising and when he noticed a black space on the restaurant’s wall, he took the opportunity faster than you can say ‘I’m lovin’ it.”

You would think that McDonald’s would notice when a picture of two random boys popped up right in front of them, but because the poster was so professional, it went completely unnoticed. Hell, it’s been there for nearly two months. We think that the prank was thought out very well, and while it is very funny to see how successful the two were in their task, it teaches a very important message, that not just McDonald’s, but many other large companies should take on board.

People on social media seem to be the biggest fans, though, as there have been so many tweets flooding in about how great the prank is, and how the two should take this much further than just McDonald’s. Some people think that McDonald’s should employ them as models for future adverts, with the existing poster put up in every McDonald’s restaurant…

Some are admiring their creativity, some are wishing they had it in them to be this clever and successful and some are admitting to how even though they are adults, this prank definitely tickled them…

It definitely got an A+ in our books, and we’re sure these two college students are going to pass their degrees with flying colors. If they’re lucky, they might even end up with marketing jobs straight away. We can only hope!

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