President Trump’s #SoupGate Has The Creativity Reeling On Twitter

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An old circulating clip of the President has sparked lots of creativity with the memes on Twitter today. In this particular clip he explains how cans of soup- yes that’s right, like Campbells’– have been used to cause harm to police officers during protests. 

This video clip from a meeting between President Trump and the National Association of Police Organizations Leadership has been circulating Twitter today. The meeting took place on July 31st, as a result of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘defunding the police’ protesting in different cities. We suspect the clip began circulating due to Trump’s latest outrageous Tweet on August 30th of an old video of a Black man pushing a white woman into a subway car. He linked this old video to Black Lives Matter and Antifa.  

To give context on how the soup rant came about in his meeting, President Trump was addressing the protests and comments on how many police officials have been physically hurt because of the protests. He fails to mention that they might not have been hurt had he not have instructed them or allowed them to use force with protestors, but that’s besides the point. 

He goes on to explain the kinds of objects protestors are using as weapons against police officers. “Bricks, rocks, bats, Molotov cocktails, frozen bottles of water,” were all named as everyday items that have been used against officers at protests. While he may have a point that police officers have been harmed during some of these protests, we can not forget all the lives lost in the hands of a uniformed police officer. Which is what caused all the protests we have witnessed this summer in the first place. It’s a really tricky situation we are in, isn’t it? Fun times in America. 


If President Trump wasn’t infamous enough already, what he says next in the meeting with the National Association of Police Organizations Leadership really secures his status as top tier meme-able. 

He goes on to state how protestors were throwing cans of soup at police officers and how utterly DANGEROUS this is. And yes, being hit by a can of soup does not sound pleasant. But it is a little difficult to keep a straight face when cans of soup are being compared to the potentially lethal weapons police officers have been using against protestors in many cities, such as tear gas, pepper spray, batons, handguns and stun grenades just to name a few.

President Trump’s soup rant is being known on Twitter as #soupgate. And the content inspired by this hashtag is just too good. The low-hanging fruit of the content simply mocks the idea that soup can really be as dangerous as the President claims.

Still pretty funny. And if you were picking a soup can to use as a weapon, wouldn’t you pick something good and hearty like potato soup?? 


Not only did some people go for low-hanging fruit, but they had the audacity to remind us about Melania’s dress…you know, the one that keeps changing colors and patterns because it looked as if it could act like a green screen.

Twitter users reminded us of the real offenders though! The soup-eaters, oh the horror!

Others point out the pressing statistics we can not forget about.

One person jokingly draws a comparison to incoherent grandfathers to point out the poor mental state one has to be in to be making such outlandish soup claims. 

And those following the Trumps were quick to wonder if they were somehow going to connect this soup rant with their Goya “promotion.” 

And while we are at it, Republicans for Biden took this moment to discuss favorite soups.

But the real GENIUS, the true comedic gold, of the #soupgate scandal is the Seinfeld remake, parodying a scene from the classic “Soup Nazi” episode. Honestly this is what we were all waiting for when we saw #soupgate was trending. At least us Seinfeld fans. We give real props to the person who edited these two videos together. This is true art.

We were really half expecting #soupgate to be trending because it was some sort of Seinfeld anniversary. But alas, it’s just our President.

And the content doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Some people are really on a roll…get it? Because cans roll…

Lastly we will leave you with this work of art. All we can say for this is don’t listen to it too much, because it will get stuck in your head. 

This has all been really silly, but maybe the President has a point. Would any of you want to be hit in the face with a can of soup? Probably not, it actually might do some damage. But we’ll let you be the judge on this one. Is a can of soup really just as dangerous as a gun? What about the tear gas Trump has been using to ward off protestors recently? Perhaps what our President really needs is a little chicken soup for the soul. 

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