Questionable TikTok Trend Has Users Revealing Possible Past Lives

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Brian Weiss leading the Past-Life Regression Therapy

Have you ever wondered if you had a past life before and what that past life was like? Well, users on the TikTok app have been exploring those thoughts in a new trend called #pastliferegression. In this trend, users watch a video on Youtube called Past-Life Regression Session by Brian Weiss, who is an American psychiatrist, hypnotherapist, and author of the book titled Many Lives, Many Masters. Weiss’s research includes reincarnation, past life regression, future life progression, and survival of the human soul after death. 

Throughout the 30 minute video, Weiss leads listeners into a hypnotic state of mind which supposedly enables listeners to be able to tap into their higher self which allows for past-life memories and experiences to come into light.  In the TikTok videos, users describe the experiences they had while in the hypnotic trance and explained the aftermath of the past life regression therapy. For one user, she discovered that she was a teen girl living in the 70s and died by stab wounds near a lake. Yikes.


Some users were able to recall insanely specific details such as what type and color of clothing their ‘past selves’ wore. This woman remembered that she was in Mexico City during the 1960s wearing an orange turtleneck with a white mini skirt and was with a man in a suit. The user said that while in the hypnosis, she saw the man’s face so clearly and was overcome with so much emotion that when she came out of the trance she began sobbing.

Another user said that she lived in Scotland during the 1600s and was born into a poor family with two older brothers. Her mom died of tuberculosis and the user died alone from old age.  How simple yet morbid.



it was the most intense thing in the world to relive that. insane. #fyp #gay #lgbtq #pastliferegression #pastlife #fyp #elfMagicAct #NotTheOne

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While there are many speculations about the legitimacy of these ‘past life’ claims, they sure are fascinating to watch! Is the viral #pastliferegression on TikTok just an entertaining trend or does it call attention to something much bigger? Let us know in the comments what you think and follow What’s Trending for more!  


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