Rapper Kodak Black Has Been Sentenced After Charges For Assault and Battery

The rapper plead guilty to counts of battery and assault of a teenage girl...
By Victoria Hunt

TW: This article brings up sexual assault and battery.

Hip Hop superstar, Kodak Black, has been sentenced to 18 months probation after pleading guilty to charges of assault and battery of a high school student in 2016.

The charges originated in 2017, as a sexual assault case, but Kodak and his team worked on a plea deal that resulted in lesser charges. The rapper originally was going to have a 10 year sentence, but it was suspended and boiled down just 18 months of probation, counseling and a public apology in court– a much easier sentence in comparison to his crime against the teenage girl.

His Past

Back in 2019, Kodak was arrested and imprisoned for falsifying information on a paperwork in an attempt to purchase firearms while under indictment. Former President, Donald Trump, had Kodak’s sentence commutated while the rapper was in prison for the crime.

Kodak Black’s Response

While the victim accused Kodak of beating and raping her, the rapper would only admit to beating her and biting her. He tweeted out this tweet after his charges became public: “My heart goes out to all the girls out here getting raped and shit FORREAL , But I Ain’t Did That Shit #ImTooGangsta #TooFlyFaThat.”

His comment section was filled with an overwhelming amount of support, despite the intensity of the crime.

Michelle wrote, “We know baby you dont have to prove your point to theses folks your with a heart of gold idk why theses females be out here lying trying to get a image by destroying someone name but when God got you nothing can get in the way of that love always.”


While many fans are crushed to see their favorite rapper deal with the charges, others are finally seeing justice for the sex crimes committed against a teenage girl. The victim alleged that Kodak Black had both r*ped and assaulted her when she did not consent to having sex with the rapper.

Al on Twitter said, “I just feel like Kodak Black should be back behind bars.”

This user wrote, “Kodak Black was facing 20 years and just got off with 18 months probation. Easily the luckiest public figure I have ever seen when it comes to the ratio of how many things he’s been arrested for vs how much time he has done.”

Pray For Kodak? 

A blog on Twitter, Project Streetjuice tv tweeted out, “BREAKING! #kodakblack just plead guilty to assault and battery 1st degree from his r*pe charge in 2016, he admitted to claims of bitting, and beating the victim after she didn’t have romantic intentions. Pray For Kodak #StreetJuiceTv.” 

The post tweeted out by the blog caused major outrage as ending the tweet with ‘Pray for Kodak’ did not sit well with many. 

Alex wrote, “fym pray for him?? why would anyone pray for a rapist?”

This Twitter user said, “Pray for him?” with this meme.

Al wrote, “Pray for a rapist?” Yeah, it does not really make sense to use either.

Yemi tweeted, “Like, why are we praying for him rather than his victim(s)?! He’s the problem!!”

This user went on to say, “Nah this sick af. Stop being complcit with these celebrities and their wrong doing. This shit is not OKAY! Stop letting these mfs think they can just take advantage of women because of they’re celebrity status. If it was anyone else yall wouldnt be asking for PRAYERS.”

We can only hope for the healing of the woman and her family involved in the incident whether it was battery, rape, or both.