Readymade Pencil Pleat Curtains vs. Readymade Eyelet Curtains

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readymade curtains

Windows are an integral part of any place and appear very distinctive. The window treatments should be chosen accordingly to make this distinctive part of your place appear more prominent and well-designed. Only the right window treatment can lift up the existing look and make it appear bigger and brighter and aesthetic. When it comes to choosing the right curtains for your place it can be a bit overwhelming because of so many styles, fabric materials and designs available in the market. So when you are choosing you are required to consider the entire look of your space and choose the styles and designs accordingly.

There exist readymade pencil plates made to measure curtains with different benefits and drawbacks. In this article we have combined the most widely used window treatments when it comes to curtains to help you know the basic difference between them and how they can help you elevate the entire look of your place. This includes readymade pencil pleat curtains and eyelet curtains.

Readymade Pencil Pleat Curtains

light pencil pleat curtains

Pencil pleat curtains appear very classy and traditional. They have a characteristic heading which contains 3 rows of strings that run along its width. These throws are distanced a few inches horizontally away from each other which allows the user 3 different hanging positions. Moreover the cords present at the top are used to create plates that allow the user to adjust the width of the window according to the size.

They are available in all forms but if you require a quick and less expensive option you should go for readymade pencil pleat curtains. The best thing about them is you are not required to design or spend extra money on their finishing. They suit all types of traps and poles which saves you money in the long run if you are changing the curtains of your whole house.

When it comes to their overall look they appear very smart and formal which makes them the perfect choice for all kinds of interiors no matter if they are contemporary or classical. There is a misconception that pencil pleat curtains are suitable for traditional and stone age interiors only due to their thick plates which create a very full and classical look.

Many people therefore consider them old-fashioned and avoid adding them to their contemporary houses but we will just tell you to go for them and you will be surprised to see the final results. They will perfectly blend into your modern interior and create a well-balanced look that complement the modernism in your place and also introduce a bit of classy and high-end look.


The toughest part is to hand them because with light pencil pleat curtains they are required to adjust manually by pulling the strings and adjusting the width. Moreover you are required to insert the hooks and rings personally which can consume quite a lot of your time if you are just a beginner. Sometimes you may end up with even players or breaking the strings which can be very frustrating so it is recommended to seek professional assistance if you face such a situation.

Readymade Eyelet Curtains

readymade eyelet curtains

Eyelet curtains are considered as contemporary ones due to simple and sophisticated heading. They contain metallic rings at the top instead of a header tape. These rings are used to create the plates and hang the panels. They are available in all standard sizes, designs and colors which allows the user to choose anything that compliments his interior and make it appear well.

This style is chosen often floor-length because the dip and soft plates that run all the way from top to bottom appear very classy this way. They are easy to Hank maintain and care for which is the plus point moreover they are available at relatively low prices then pencil pleat curtains. Readymade eyelet curtains are used for living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms but are not suitable for curtain tracks or Windows with characteristic shapes such as oval, bay, and French glass windows.

This brings us to the end of our discussion, the argument is both in favor of pencil pleat and eyelet curtains. There is nothing that says which style is better than the other. It greatly depends on your personal preference, the available space, your budget and your skills that which style you invest in. If you’re planning to install your own windows and window treatments, here are the essential glazing tools.

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