Republican Kellyanne Conway’s Daughter is a Liberal TikToker

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Prominent republican Kelly Anne Conway is facing controversy in her own home, as her teen daughter has become a liberal Tiktok icon. It turns out even the family of some republican leaders are differing in viewpoints.
Kelly Anne Conway is a well known republican, currently serving as a policy advisor to President Trump after she ran his campaign for presidency. Conway is a career republican and one of Trump’s longest standing supporters. She is most known for coining the terminology “alternative facts” when referring to Trump’s more questionable statements.

Conway’s daughter is having a viral moment of her own, as her TikToks are exploding online for showcasing her liberal views and people are loving it. In a time of stress, liberals are enjoying someone so close to the White House breaking away from their viewpoint.

Claudia Conway is a 15 year old high school student and the daughter of Kellyanne and George Conway the third. Her political video started around the time of the Black Lives Matter Protests this month, as Claudia Conway posted videos showcasing both her pro-choice and BLM viewpoints. Her TikTok bio also says “it’s a great day to arrest Brett Hankison, John Mattingly and Myles Cosgrove – the three officers involved in the murder of Bianna Taylor.

Claudia is quick to call out performative activism for Black Lives Matter in this TikTok that points out how many girls she knows that “posted a black square but are now acting like nothing happened cause it ain’t trending”. This is referring to the Black Out Tuesday hashtag where people posted black squares in their timeline to show solidarity for the BLM movement, but received a lot of backlash for causing people to think their social media presence was enough to achieve equal rights.

She isn’t just supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, she’s also showing other liberal viewpoints that strongly differ from her mothers. Claudia shared a TikTok about Trump’s recent move to ban same-sex couples from adopting children, captioning it “I love trump, but replace love with Think That We Should Extinguish”. Her mother has been vocally against LGBT rights, as she spoke at an event hosted by The Family Leader – an anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination group.

Back when Trump was first being accused of sexual assault and harassment, KellyAnne was quick to defend him. She asked the media to stop using such harsh terms like ‘assault’ and saying he’s never been anything but a gentleman to her. Claudia seems to not agree with her mom’s assessment of Trump character, as she posted this TikTik referring to both presidential candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump as ‘rapists’. She also posted this TikTok encouraging people to leave one-star reviews on Trump’s businesses and tarnish that reputation her mom has spent years trying to protect.


When people called out the difference in mom and daughter’s opinion, Claudio says kids are capable of educating themselves and coming to different ideologies than their parents.

Although they don’t agree on politics, Claudia has asked people not to send hate to either of her parents, saying they are both good people and don’t deserve to be torn apart online.

The internet has a lot of opinions on the situation since Claudia’s tiktok account was discovered. One user tweeted “Claudia is a shining examples of how young adults don’t have to follow in their bigoted parents footsteps. Kudos to Claudia for having the independence and confidence to recognize her mother’s ideologies are not what’s best for America”. Some people are evening using this to throw shade on KellyAnne and doubt her loyalty to Trump in her one home saying “I bet Kellyanne Conway was mortified when she found out her daughter feels the same way about Trump as she does privately”.

Others are wondering if it’s really fair for the media to be focusing on a minor at all, regardless of who her mother is. One user said “not sure what to think about Kellyanne’s daughter getting all this attention, she is still a minor, i worry about her safety” and another “hey so maybe major news outlets shouldn’t be randomly blasting Kellyanne Conway’s 15-year-old daughter out onto Twitter to their hundreds of thousands of followers”.

Let us know what you think! Did you already know about Claudia’s social media presents? Do you aggress? Should we even be focusing on her? Let us know in a comment or a tweet.


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