Rita Ora Faces Lip-Syncing Disaster During Macy’s Parade Performance

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Like many artists, Rita Ora happens to lip-sync from time to time to avoid damaging her beautiful singing voice. However, when artists lip-sync, a single second delay could put your whole performance out, and the embarrassment that comes along with this disaster, is something that is very difficult to recover from.

Now, imagine you’re performing at the Thanksgiving Macy’s Parade for thousands, if not millions of people to see and you totally miss your cue and mess up your whole performance…



Yep, Ora’s worst nightmare has just become a reality, and I’m sure it’s a performance that she’ll never forget. We can only imagine how embarrassed she must feel, and we have to admit, the second-hand embarrassment is strong. People covering their eyes, trying to look away from the television because they cannot bring themselves to witness something so terrible…yeah, it’s not a good feeling.


If you need a better idea of how gut-wrenching this feeling is, people on Twitter have explained the reactions most of us had whilst watching this disaster and the images paired along with their tweets sum up all of this up perfectly…


Although Rita was probably waiting backstage after the event, dreading to see what people have been saying about her performance, some kind words from John Legend really helped Rita out and made her feel better about the whole situation, which led Ora to explain that her shows are always live, and that the fact they have to lip-sync at events like this, is annoying…


It’s always nice to have friends who have your back during times like this! Although the situation was an honest mistake, we’re sure it’s one she’ll never forget. But as Rita said, back to the holidays! Have a good one guys!

Do you think Rita Ora’s lip-sync fail was cringe-worthy? Do you reckon it wasn’t as bad as people made it out to be? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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