Ryan Gosling Visits Coffee Shop Owner Fan After Campaign Goes Viral

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Joelle Murray is the owner of Grinder Coffee, which is based in Toronto, Canada. Murray originally set up a campaign back in 2017, for Idris Elba to visit her coffee shop, but was unsuccessful in her tracks. However, Joelle is not a quitter and because she is a fan of so many A-list celebrities, she thought she’d try a new campaign. This time, for Ryan Gosling.

Joelle started campaigning at the beginning of September, by setting up a cardboard cut-out of the native Canadian in her coffee shop. So many people in Toronto came into the cafe and bought a steaming hot cup of Joe, and held it up next to the cut-out, for the perfect photo opportunity. Even the Mayor of Toronto got in on the action and posted a photo to advertise the campaign.

If you don’t know what TIFF is, it’s the Toronto Film Festival, which of course, would be Ryan Gosling’s stomping ground. Joelle thought this timing would be great for Ryan to visit, and as many tweets came pouring in from fans across the city, Joelle began working as hard as ever to make sure that she would get noticed…


As you can see, Joelle put a lot of hard work into the campaign, and even got the hashtag #ryanneedsgrinder used all across Toronto.

So, when the video surfaced of Ryan Gosling being in town, Joelle got even more excited. Little did she know that it was only a matter of time before her dream became a reality…

Ah, we’re so happy that Joelle’s hard work paid off and she looks so happy cuddling away with the man of her dreams! Well done, Joelle!


Anybody want to start a campaign to help me meet Justin Bieber?

Do you think Ryan Gosling made Joelle’s day? What celebrity would you love to meet? Would you make a campaign for them? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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